The Urban Fairy Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to open my TOU!
I hope you enjoy your new purchase & make many wonderful things with it!
Should you have any issues with your new product, feel free to email me at
[ ] I will do my best to help resolve the issue as
quickly as possible!

You can get ahold of me by any of the below:


My terms for personal use:

Personal use products are for YOUR personal pleasure.
IE – holiday cards for the family, cherished memories for your books & so on.
When loading your layouts to a gallery, please do credit me if you remember!
I know sometimes I grab bits and pieces to make my layouts, in such cases, no need
to worry about credit. I’d rather you ENJOY yourself, not stress about credits.
No monitary gain is allowed with my PERSONAL USE products.

My terms for S4h/S4o:

S4H/S4O products allow you to A: offer the use of my product in creating
something NEW for a customer provided it is shared with YOUR customer in a flattened format.
NO PSD allowed. You can create ready to go cards, quickpages, business cards and so on.
If you are not sure about something, feel free to email me! I don’t bite =] Much.

NOTHING is to be created that exceeds a product amount of 300. Small business
license is included with each S4H/S4O purchase!

– side note, you may NOT create digital quickpages with my kits and resell them unless
you are using it for a client. You ARE allowed to make S4H quick pages as freebies. Please,
no more then 2 per kit.

My terms for Commercial Use:

My products should not make up more then 30% of your new product.
My commercial use products may be used to create new scrap kits.
My commercial use products are use as is safe.

Here’s an example of what you can do:
Create S4H/S4O/PU digital scrapbooking kits. Use my CU elements to make S4H/S4O/PU cluster packs.
Use my CU brushes to create clipping masks.
You can use my CU Papers & CU Textures AS IS ONLY in your scrapbooking kits. If you plan to create a stand alone paper pack, then they must be changed a bit. You can easily do that by adding extra textures, some way cool brushes, word art and more!

My terms for Cu4Cu:

You are welcome to use my cu4cu to create new commercial use products. You may NOT
use my cu4cu to create new cu4cu. IE – You make take my Cu4Cu overlays and create new
overlays, or premade papers for commercial use. You make take my doodles, color them and
sell them for commercial use. If you have ANY questions about what you can or can not do with
my products, again, feel free to email me!

My terms for sites such as

Provided the product is CU you are welcome to use it for such sites. I however DO require
credit somewhere in your description if your new product is made with more then 30% my product.
If you make a card with MY overlays and someone elses flower, no credit is required. If you use
MY overlay and MY brush and someonelses flower, credit is required. Please credit as;

Product used – you can say, overlay, or paper flower, brushes by ….
The Urban Fairy

If you have ANY questions about this please feel free to ask.

If you wish to give credit please credit: The Urban Fairy, however, NO CREDIT IS EVER REQUIRED TO USE MY PRODUCTS!
Just with gallery layouts.

This TOU replaces my prior TOU.
It is the CURRENT TOU as of : 01/2014
Should you have ANY questions feel free to contact me! I suppose I can stop typing that now!

Again, thank you for reading and your purchase!

Danielle S.
The Urban Fairy