Flutter Application

Would you like to be a Flutter? Applications are always being accepted!

If you would rather not fill out the online form, you can copy the application below and send it to me via email at: admin@theurbanfairymilana.com

The Urban Fairy

Flutters Application

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Basic Information

Please include your name, your standard forum name, your favorite gallery/ies, your current teams and previous teams with designer contact information.

Top 5 Layouts

Please link me to your top 5 favorite layouts.

What you will do for The Urban Fairy

  • As a Flutter you will provide no less than 2 layouts per collection unless otherwise noted.

  • You will promote The Urban Fairy and products via social media at least three times a week on no less than 2 media platforms. This can be facebook, twitter, pinterest, forums, instagram and so on.
  • You will participate in the TUF Flutters Group and load your completed layouts at 1000x1000px to the shared dropbox folder.
  • You will post your layouts to the DSS Gallery and any other galleries you may choose.
  • You may be asked to create freebies using TUF products, however this is optional. Freebies will be used in social media marketing, they will not be used for sale at any time.
  • You will keep an open line of communication with Danielle, The Urban Fairy. Life happens to all of us, I am very flexible and understanding.
  • You will not share any products with another person outside of the Flutters team for any reason.
  • You will continue to improve your layouts by seeking out tutorials and/or critiques.

What The Urban Fairy will do for you

  • The Urban Fairy will provide you with new ( or old ) page kits and/or collections at no cost.
  • Upon request The Urban Fairy may provide you with Commercial Use items from the TUF store.
  • The Urban Fairy will provide a comfortable, laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of other Flutters, share your layouts, ask questions, get help or vent ( about anything ).
  • The Urban Fairy may create collections around YOUR ideas to help meet your scrapping needs. If it is beyond my ability at the time, I will simply have to say no until it becomes something I believe I can do, and do well.
  • The Urban Fairy will provide you with other designer coupons from time to time as a special thank you for your hard work.
  • The Urban Fairy will be open minded and understanding at all times.
  • The Urban Fairy will NOT require a list of all the promotions and layout uploads yo have done per product. We’re all adults and I will treat you as such.
  • The Urban Fairy will help you grow, if you so wish, as a layout artist by providing honest feedback and guidance as requested.

Tell me why you want to be a Flutter

Use this space to tell me in no less than 5 sentences why you wish to become a Flutter.

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Your Email:

On a personal note! My name is Danielle, I am 33 years old ( in 2016 anyway! ) and I have 5 children. I am in college studying for my degree in Graphic Arts. I do have a job other than digital scrapbook designing so there may be lulls in my product production. I hope you will enjoy the breaks and get some rest! I have a love for art journal and mixed media, as my designs show.

I work at a very fast pace more often than not but do not expect everyone to be able to keep up with me! I always try to be respectful and kind, rude just isn’t my thing. My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is 4.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you are welcome to email me at: admin@theurbanfairymilana.com and I will reply as soon as I am able.

Thank you for your interest in joining my creative team!

Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy