J3-Blockade – Break Through!

I was inspired by to create J3-Blockade by a single abstract background. The colors just pulled me in and I could not resist the temptation! Thankfully I was able to create something wonderful, bold and real! The colors still trap me, in a good way of course, and still I am creating new pages using this collection!

Amazingly it did not take long for me to complete this collection once the flood gates opened and I am thrilled with the out come. I hope that this new design can help you over come any creative blockades you may be facing!

I know that the months of 2020 have been hard for many, if not all, of us. I hope that working with digital scrapping has been helping everyone to get through these hard times that our world faces. Know that you are not alone and remember to take time for yourself!! It is important to be reminded that you matter as well…so take an extra 5 minutes in a quiet shower or read another chapter before making dinner. You are important!

I am already hard at work on the next release so keep an eye out for it next month!! Be safe, be healthy and be well!

Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy