Art Journal-Grief and a bonus coupon!

Yup, I’m back on the blog! Fingers crossed I can manage to keep blogging… is not my strong point for sure! I have been insanely busy with life in general for the past few years from adopting a daughter to getting grand-daughter and so much more in between it all; including death.

Death in general is hard…learning to cope with the grief can be mind bending and soul wrenching. I am blessed in that I have not personally had to handle these things in some years but I still feel it when loved ones of my friends have passed on. Not to long ago one of my friends lost both her parents back to back and watching her survive this loss is what inspired my latest collection, AJ-Grief.

It’s about acceptance, pain, struggling and healing. It’s about the journey of surviving the loss of someone important in your heart. I know in the long run it really isn’t much I wanted to offer some sort of ability to hopefully help other begin to heal….even if it’s just in a program on a screen.

You can find the AJ-Grief Collection HERE










I have a bonus coupon for the Collection itself! Save an extra 20% through August 18th using code: aj-grief-urbanfairy2020


May we all find healing in our times of need.


Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy