So Glad its Over.

 So glad it’s over.

Good bye 2017, good riddance to you! Please don’t leave a single idea for 2018 to pick up on as you continue to become

a distant memory with far too many challenges and not nearly enough laughter.

Can you tell I’m happy to welcome 2018?


2017 was a very hard year which came after a year of hardships as well. 2 years in a row is a bit much for anyone to take don’t you think?

Well I am putting my foot down and 2018 is going to be MUCH better!

I am determined to make it so! I have lots of new ideas rolling around in my head, most of them work related and I want to see it all happen!

It will be a lot of work but I’m okay with that!


This year I want to focus more on art journal ( is that even possible?! ) but of course I will continue to create collections that are easy to use no matter your style of scrapping!

I want to work on tutorials and perhaps even some webinars or youtube videos! I also want to go on vacation with my wild and crazy family at some point.

I have been working hard to make the things I want to do come to pass and we’re not even out of the first month of 2018!

This year I am going to come out on top and find my footing one slow, but steady, step at a time!

As I said above I want to start working on tutorials, webinars, youtube videos; things like that! So PLEASE tell me, what are you interested in?

What would you like to learn about?? Creating masks? Making your own brushes? My process of brush making or texture creation?

Create an art journal page with me from start to finish? What can I show you, teach you, that will give you an extra boost of confidence you need to go forth and conquer?!


Send me an email: and let me know!

Let’s start 2018 off with an artistic bang!!


Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy

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