The Clean Slate

Change is good, right? I know it’s hard and it can be difficult to accept but it can be a very GOOD thing! I’ve been struggling, in various ways, lately and while I may not have had a break through or that “ ah ha! “ moment yet…..I am feeling more myself.

One of the things that was making me crazy, stressing me out and making me want to just give up already was work. Sometimes your job actually becomes work and I’ve finally hit that point in my designing career ( let’s face it, it’s a career at this point ) where it’s no longer just flow, go, joy, giggles, smiles and ooooh pretty! Now…now it’s so much more.

Trends, colors, marketing, quality ( honestly it’s always been about quality after my Wonder Wilma got ahold of me and showed me the amazing thing called “stroke” in photoshop! ), sales, newsletters, blogs, marketing, pinterest, freebies, collabs, fresh ideas, marketing…..did I say marketing?… if not I meant to. It’s a lot of work and that on top of 5 kids ( 4 having some sort of ‘disability (( I hate that word! )) ‘ or ‘issue’ ) plus everything else I handle on a daily basis – it’s a lot. Many a people have said they don’t know how I do what I do and honestly, neither do I! But I can make things easier for myself one step at a time and ONE of those things that I like to have is a neat, clean and tidy digital life. The rest of my life is chaos ( you should see my desk right now! ) so having some part of it nice and tidy is helpful! That is the reason I removed all of the posts from my blog except for the most recent ones.

I have been SO busy trying to be on top of my game in every aspect of my life I’ve kind of left myself in the dust. I started fixing that by going to the gym ( not my favorite place to be I assure you ) because I’ve got some baby weight to loose still and I am determined to do so!

My next clean out will be my store. I haven’t decided how to handle that all just yet but I need a clean slate in a lot of areas so that’s what I’m going to do! I need refocus and find the joys again so I can stop being a zombie through my days, that isn’t what life is about. Of course at the same time I still have to keep up with everything work related because this income is very important! Like your average family we struggle and over the past few years it’s only gotten worse but WE are determined and WE have the means to make it better so WE will do just that. I want to take my career to the next level and it’s been interesting trying to figure that out. Which path do I take, which direction calls to me..I guess we will figure that out in the coming months now won’t we?

Basically what I’m saying is I need something clean and shiny against this chaos , a clean slate to help me stop feeling so overwhelmed. There’s no reason to fight the chaos when I can just clean it up and move on. I’m looking forward to taking the much needed breath and finding the joy in my work again!


Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy

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