New Journal Series – J1 – Lost

 Over time I’ve become more and more interested in Art Journaling. I love paint, adore stamps, have a blast getting messy but…..I never know what to do or where to start. Even when I can’t help but be inspired by some of my fellow designers such as Vicki Robinson Designs and Courtney’s Designs….I still feel totally lost and get super frustrated. Of course I keep moving forward despite that fact but I long for the day I don’t feel so lost when ever I make the attempt.

That feeling pretty much prompted my latest creation, J1-Lost. It’s full of fun things but not your average collection. It comes with brushes, edges, elements, map fragments, masks, overlays, papers, signs, 2 kinds of stamps, tape and 2 kinds of word packs! It really does focus more on the ability to blend, mix, create and so on YOUR own art journal page. You can save them, print them, canvas print them, horde them but never ever ever trash them.

This is a post I recently did about art journaling: Art Journaling and how you’re doing it wrong. I think it’s pretty good personally and have had a lot of positive feed back from friends and fans alike. Course the shares are always awesome as well 😉

At any rate, let me give you a look at J1-Lost!

You can check out a little LO process video I did using J1-Lost here.

 It’s packed with lots of different tools obviously related to feeling or being lost. Sometimes a helpful tool to finding your way is something as simple as prompt – however sometimes those prompts are not helpful at all. I suppose in some ways we will never be able to always find our own paths but with the help of others at least we will find ourselves lost in the dark.

Check out some of the pages created using J1-Lost

While making the video earlier I ended up with an awesome paper that I totally adored, so I decided to make it into a freebie! You can grab the freebie here OR on the freebie page! It needed an update anyway.

Thank you for looking and I hope that this has inspired you to find some direction of your own! Feel free to share this post on social media, every little bit counts after all!


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