What is Art Journaling and how you’re doing it wrong.

 What is Art Journaling and how you’re doing it wrong.

Simply stated, art journaling is expression in physical form. Honestly, that’s the widely used idea of what art journaling is. It’s the use of colors, shapes, doodles, word art and even image cut outs to create a page in a journal ( or NOT in a journal! ) that gives you the ability to express a thought, feeling or idea. Pretty simple huh? Well if you’re like me, it isn’t simple at all. It’s very complex and can sometimes be very frustrating. A lot of the time I don’t have a clear picture in my head of what I want to do – I just feel the need to DO something, anything. What direction do I want to take? What techniques do I use? To doodle or not to doodle, that is ONE question. The hardest part of art journaling for me would be that I struggle with drawing a decent piece that I would feel happy using, it all comes out ‘stupid’ looking to me. Do I give up though? Some nights – at least for a minute. I don’t really give up though, I just take a break and try again and again and then again! I love art journal and everything it stands for but that doesn’t mean I manage to do what I wanted to do, even if I do have an idea in mind. The struggle is real.

Most everyone says that there is no right or wrong way to art journal – but I disagree with that. What do I mean?

How on Earth could anyone do art journaling wrong?

That’s the easy part.

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others. Our hair color, style, our eyes, our clothes, our personalities, our financial situation, our social status…..our art. We do it all the time, every day, even when we do not intend to do it. That is how we art journal wrong. We see what everyone else is doing and think “ I can do that! “ and then try to pretty much copy it. That’s wrong. Don’t do it. STOP doing it. Why? Because after you finish yours and look at the original you hate yours. Self-doubt filters in, as if it wasn’t there before. You deflate, loose your excitement about creating. You feel heavy and sad because ‘you’re just not good enough’.

So STOP it. Stop trying to create like everyone else and create like YOU. Easier said then done, I know – but that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to be inspired by the works of others – I mean isn’t that WHY we put our stuff out there? Go ahead and make your own art doll, make your own word art – be INSPIRED. It’s another thing to try and duplicate another persons end result though. Where is the uniqueness in that? Where is the touch of YOU in the work of someone else? It’s no longer your creation when it’s something someone else did first. Just as no one will ever be able to duplicate your creation, you will never be able to duplicate the work of another. Again though, be inspired by it and create your OWN work. Stop comparing your work to the work of so and so – that person isn’t you and you aren’t that person.

Techniques are different though – those are intended to be mimicked and copied – it’s just a method to get a desired result. Those take practice as well though, and you can easily become upset and frustrated with not getting it right the first umpteen times. The fun part about techniques is you can tweak them and make them different to suit your needs, though that will take practice as well.

Art journaling is about you. It’s not about the person next to you or the person on the other side of the screen – it’s your emotions, your wants and dreams, it’s your thought and your plans – it’s about YOU. If you happen hate your creation – save it. Don’t throw it away, keep it somewhere safe. That may sound crazy but it’s important. One day you may want to look back at those creations that didn’t turn out the way you wanted, to see how far you have come and be reminded that the while the struggle IS real, it IS worth it.

Here is a list of people/places with links that I think are a great source of art journal tools and inspiration. Get inspired and get creative; and stop doing it wrong.

Your creations are beautiful even if you hate them – they came FROM you and that is what makes them beautiful.

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