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35% off ALL element packs through August!!!

Are you missing The Urban Fairy.  YES!! I know I am.  As a team member I am thrilled she is going to college to pursue her dream, but I know I get that urge to play with her great designs.  She is working on something  between studying and raising 4 children (hmm where does she find the time?)  So in the mean time, if you want to play around, all her elements packs are 35% through the end of August.  Many of you have sent your kids back to school, so spend some time on you and create!!! Head on over to The Studio now.  




Published: 12. 08. 2015

New at The Gotta Pixel: A Mess 3

Dani is guesting at Gotta Pixel this month.  Isn’t that fantastic?  She has created a special kit just for this.  Welcome to  A Mess 3!!! Welcome to life, a mess. It’s always a mess, no matter how organized you are! That’s okay though, that’s half the fun in the long run! Use this beautiful, unique collection to help save those crazy, important, once in a life time moments of mess, or not mess. Even when life is a mess, it can be flat out amazing.  Notice this kit is great to express yourself, with or without pictures.  Have fun and get messy!!!  Here are the previews:




From our talented team:

VanessaR_TUF_AMess3_Dance-to-your-own-beat-1000x1000 Rolli_amess3_2 1000 Rolli_amess3_1 1000 a-mess-bryony-1000 A-mess-3-Template-#12-bryony-1000 amess3_papers-Susanm amess3_papers_06_susanm amess3_dance amess3_1000_Glenda1      VanessaR_TUF_AMess3_Hello-Darkness-1000x1000Amess3_dad


Published: 08. 08. 2015

Guest Spot at Gotta Pixel!!!

The Urban Fairy is guesting at Gotta Pixel this month!  Head on over and check out her sale.



















Published: 07. 08. 2015

Father’s day Specials!!!!

OK everyone, Father’s day is upon us.  If you are like me and have been married for a while, you don’t actually have a big celebration…this is my chance to scrap!!! Yep…honey go do whatever makes you happy and I will too.  For him it is a computer game.  For me, it is shopping and scrapping, but we are next to each other, so we are still celebrating!!!!  Of course, The Urban Fairy has to have a great Father’s Day special on 2 awesome masculine kits.  “Just a Little Wonderful” and “This Boy”  are on sale….and its not a little sale…its a BIG SALE- 50% off the two kits.  Head on over to The Studio and pick them both up!!!!  Get your scrap on and if you do celebrate…hey you have 2 kits to scrap with!!!!!

Just a Little Wonderful                                                                                                                                          This Boy






Published: 20. 06. 2015