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Father’s day Specials!!!!

OK everyone, Father’s day is upon us.  If you are like me and have been married for a while, you don’t actually have a big celebration…this is my chance to scrap!!! Yep…honey go do whatever makes you happy and I will too.  For him it is a computer game.  For me, it is shopping and scrapping, but we are next to each other, so we are still celebrating!!!!  Of course, The Urban Fairy has to have a great Father’s Day special on 2 awesome masculine kits.  “Just a Little Wonderful” and “This Boy”  are on sale….and its not a little sale…its a BIG SALE- 50% off the two kits.  Head on over to The Studio and pick them both up!!!!  Get your scrap on and if you do celebrate…hey you have 2 kits to scrap with!!!!!

Just a Little Wonderful                                                                                                                                          This Boy






Published: 20. 06. 2015

Depressed but OK

Dani-a.k.a The Urban Fairy has just released a new kit- Depressed but OK. It is a dark kit, and some of the words and images are graphic representations of depression.  The description of the kit, which she wrote is very moving.  Part of it says this ” It’s okay to be sad, to hate the world and even yourself. Once you accept it, for all its dark glory, you can move past it – little by little.”  Please don’t look at this kit as depressing.  Many of the Flutters created happy layouts.  Others found the kit cathartic and way to release emotions and that is one of best parts of scrapbooking-we can release our emotions, work out some feelings we have- good or bad.  You are going to really like this kit.  She has some great graphic images and you can so much with this kit.  It did alot for me.  My husband commented he didn’t understand the kit.  I showed him my layout-“Drowning in my tears”.  I told him the reasons behind the layout and that I had to release the tears I had been holding in dealing with the stress of being a major caregiver for his elderly parents.  That’s when it made sense!  As I look at the beautiful layouts- they all make sense.  We are not only preserving memories, but putting them right on the page!  The collection is your best buy, at a great price point of $9.99 (over 50% off) and loaded!!! The collection also comes in a page kit and the parts are sold seperately.  The Edges are my favorite way to add to the page and the stamps and very versatile.  And who doesn’t love masks?  There is Word Art and Word Brushes.  Have fun!!!!  We also have a freebie for you from CTM rollinchan and don’t forget to check out the newsletter for another freebie from Bryony!!! From Sharon

Here are all the parts to Depressed by OK.  Head on over to the Studio and check it out!!!


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Here are the great layouts from Dani and our CT!!!  I am so blown away by all of them.  Tradition or artsy- its all there!!!1

11266707_1001810846505557_8568983997987630758_n 11261676_10152683332896685_163837884989853_n 11238231_637741002994348_7740337716844689559_n 11207317_1000441973309111_2833633045925468523_n 11205075_10205378257510168_7975936829531519509_n 11151034_10205371343737343_3853994590176184728_n (1) 11072002_10205338904566384_273516727909201032_n 11108670_863999343686906_5725457477984334003_n 11058648_10205371344417360_465020352538490789_n 11011544_642180559217059_5345471781646402603_n 10920939_637759279659187_2867227452592777093_n 10660272_1001735303179778_7179840938989959851_n 10481716_1001810586505583_1181955756789324899_n 10407623_10205376440304739_7516951291629483324_n 10367548_545065542298468_3928822452979196965_n tuf_dbok_maketheworldgoaway 19592_10152683075526685_1905711940236284960_n 11537808_864018763684964_6118678222427711464_n 11407079_10153391681238430_4948656896623019123_n 11407192_546684518803237_4695870886361691162_n 11401179_10153391610533430_1557360678940661524_n 11351337_542708549200834_3952371883385955469_n

Here is the freebie! (click on the image to download)




Published: 18. 06. 2015

My Little Sunshine is on sale- 30% off!

We all need a little sunshine in our lives!  Especially if it is on sale!! We all love a sale and My Little Sunshine is on sale until the 19th, so grab it while it is 30% off!!!


Here is a new layout from one of our CT members:


Published: 16. 06. 2015

My Little Sunshine- new from Urban Fairy!

We all need a little sunshine in our lives! It can come from any where, the sun itself, our children, random acts of kindness and so many other ways! Let My Little Sunshine capture those moments so you can always enjoy that little piece of warmth when ever you want or need it! This kit includes: 60 elements total. 14 flowers, 5 buttons, 1 flower/sun hybrid hand drawn, 2 frames, 1 large side mask, 1 lace, 1 flair, 1 paper clip, 3 small bows, 2 butterflies, 1 slpatter, 2 word art, 1 messy stitch, 1 metal buckle, 1 cog piece, 2 curly ribbon, 2 bottle caps, 4 pieces of greenry, 2 word blocks, 1 messy flower stamp, 1 stitched circle, 1 cloud mass, 1 rainy day girl, 1 confetti spray, 1 small gem, 1 tied ‘ribbon’, 1 arrow, 1 clothes pin, 2 washi tape and 1 bubble and 10 papers!


Here is inspiration from our CT!:  They had so much fun!!!!



Published: 04. 06. 2015