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10 Days Left! My Heart in Art line by The Urban Fairy 70% Off

Hello, it’s CT Flutter Vicki!  Danielle – The Urban Fairy – is still in the midst of her move, so I just wanted to step in and let you know about the fantastic 70% off sale on her whole My Heart in Art (MHIA) line.  It’s sad for us who love this art-journaling line to see it end, but I promise that new things on the horizon will more than make up for it! There’s only 10 more sale days — until August 15th — so hop on over to the Studio to check out this fabulous deal.


I thought I’d post some inspiration here of some of the layouts I created using the MHIA line.  I had so much fun and learned that you really can’t make a mistake with art-journaling because you’re the creator and as long as it makes you happy — it’s genius!  And, it’s a great kind of freedom because there are no rules — you get to make the rules yourself — and you get to be as creative as you want.

BuddingArtistFrom MHIA-Artsy Backgrounds

DanceFrom MHIA-Journal Trees

DreamFrom MHIA-Mixed Media Backgrounds 4

TigerFrom MHIA – Mixed Media Backgrounds

LoveStoryFrom MHIA – Mixed Media Backgrounds 2

GemFrom  MHIA – Stamp Bases

SelfieFrom MHIA – Stamptastic

DreamsFrom a variety of MHIA products

ReflectiveMomentFrom a variety of MHIA products

I hope you find some products in the My Heart in Art line that helps you make those pics you’ve wanted to scrap perfect in the layouts you can create with “no rules” and “no holds barred!”  Have Fun!



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Retiring My Heart in Art — and a Freebie!

CT Flutter Vicki here again with some bittersweet news.  The Urban Fairy has decided to retire her whole “My Heart in Art” (MHIA) collection!  Danielle’s (and all of her Flutters’) heart was very close to this collection, as it lets you experience and enjoy the whole art-journal craze happening in digital scrapbooking.  For those of you who love the style, it is The Urban Fairy’s true essence.  Don’t forget to grab MHIA Retirement gift at the end — a fantastic My Heart in Art Sampler!

But, this is all very good news for The Urban Fairy fans, because for a short time — July 15 through August 15 — the collection will be on sale at the Studio for 70% off!  If you haven’t by now stocked up on the 25 MHIA offerings, NOW is the perfect opportunity to get what you want or missed.  Keep watching at the Studio, because there might also be a bundle to go with the sale.

To make it easy to see the whole collection in one spot, I’m going to show you all of the pieces below:






















So, there you have it — all of the My Heart in Art wonderful goodness in one place to drool over.  If you’re a lover of the art journal style, then these are for you.  Fabulous choices of papers and mixed-media backgrounds – a great start to your fun or powerful pages; stamps – easy-to-use messy stamps for your creative genius (without the mess); a wonderful variety of elements – to fill in or make a statement, as you please; and word bits, one-word starters, journal cards and word art – all to inspire.  Have a blast!

As promised, The Urban Fairy has created a fantabulous retirement gift for you – an MHIA Sampler.  And don’t worry, The Urban Fairy is not going away – there are just some other BIG things that are about to happen soon!

Download here or click on the preview.  Enjoy!



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Transparent Textures Tutorial and a Freebie!

Hi, its CT Flutter Vicki here – I hope all in the U.S. had a wonderful July 4th holiday. I bring you today a quick tutorial on using Transparent Textures and a fabulous freebie at the end of the post from The Urban Fairy. I’m stepping in for Danielle, whose life is going to be crazy busy for the next couple of months. She and her family will be moving 7 states away – from North Carolina to Colorado. The drive at the end of July will include her, hubby, 4 children, 3 cats, 2 dogs and her entire household. Whew! No wonder she doesn’t have time to blog!

Now for the transparent textures, which I find very useful in my digi stash. These textures are made with varying amounts of transparency and opacity and are therefore .png files. They can be full page (12 X 12), just edges, part-page, and even made just for photos. First, why would you use them? Here are some ways that I use them: (1) Textures can bring interest to otherwise plain background papers (texturize); (2) they can be used to bring in a missing color or pattern to better match a photo you want to use; (3) you can also use textures as a clipping mask to merge two papers to get some exciting looks. Textures for photos would be used to age the photo or make it look distressed. Also, transparent textures are available for both personal use and for commercial use – designer’s choice.

Let me give you some examples. First is using a solid paper from Butterfly Garden Collab by The Urban Fairy and Valentina’s Creations. I’m going to add a personal use texture from Transparents V1 by The Urban Fairy.

You add the texture on a layer above your background paper. When adding the texture, you have several choices – You can use the blending modes to get the look you want, you can use the Opacity slider in PS/PSE or you can make a color Fill Layer {Add a layer above the texture layer; Edit; Fill Layer, using the foreground color of your choice} then clip it to the texture layer. I usually use the Overlay or Soft Light blending modes; it just depends on the texture and paper underneath to get the look you’re after. In this case I used Overlay and it results in a subtle texture:


You can use a more dramatic texture to get a not-so-subtle look. This time I use a texture from Transparents V4 by The Urban Fairy and use the Overlay blend mode again — the look here is bolder:


There are also textures with patterns. I like this one from Transparents V2 by The Urban Fairy, which I used by clipping a pink color fill layer to the texture. I thought this pattern texture would match the frilly nature of my little niece’s dress for a nice look in the layout. I also used a Transparents V7 texture in the Overlay blending mode to create some depth. So, yes, you can use as many textures in a layout as you want. All elements in this layout are also from Butterfly Garden:


One last example. I had a dramatic photo that I wanted to feature in a layout, but couldn’t find the perfect background paper. I finally used two papers and elements from Summer Jam Collab by The Urban Fairy and Wendy P Designs:


I blended the two papers together by using the solid lavender paper on bottom layer, a commercial use texture from Transparent Textures Volume 2 by The Urban Fairy on the next layer, then the patterned paper on the top layer – then I clipped the patterned paper to the texture layer. Voila! – Perfect for my photo:


I hope this post has given you some ideas to try some textures in your layouts and use them as a valuable addition to mix up with your scrapbooking kits. To see a variety of textures please see The Urban Fairy’s personal-use Transparents Vol. 1-4 or Transparents Vol. 5-8 (by bundle or singular volume), Just an Edge and Just an Edge V2, or Grunge Photo Overlays. In the Commercial Use Shop, you can check out Transparent Textures V1-5 (bundle or singular).

The Urban Fairy has created a great transparent texture freebie for you to try. Have fun and we’d love to see your pages using textures in the gallery!

Download here or click the preview.



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New Release…”Hidden In My Book” Collab with Jilberts Bits of Bytes….and a FREEBIE!!

Where do your deepest darkest secrets lie? Do you hold them in? Keep them to yourself? Do you confide in a best friend?

Or do you keep your secrets locked away in a special hidden place?

…a diary!

Whatever the secret or story may be, most of us have logged our favorite memories and thoughts into a million words.

Penned our feelings, our hurts, our rejoices, our anguish onto pages of yesterday and tomorrow.

 The Urban Fairy and Jilberts Bits of Bytes have come together to bring you a funky, eclectic, yet girly and sweet group of elements and papers in their collab “Hidden In My Book”

This kit will get all those memories of crushes, first dates and heartbreaks rushing through you and onto creating some fabulous layouts.

As always there is a gorgeous add on bundle, with extra elements, papers, frames and so much more.

This kit is so full of great ideas that it will keep you from hiding in your own book….

theStudio Preview TemplatetheStudio Preview Template                            theStudio Preview Template                           theStudio Preview Template                          theStudio Preview Template                            theStudio Preview Template

theStudio Preview Template

Need some inspiration? Here are some great layouts from The Urban Fairy’s creative and talented CT team:

himb_Danielle2 himb_Vicki himb_Norma1 himb_Danielle1 himb_Bryony2 himb_Nancy3 himb_Nancy1 himb_Nancy2


And now for the FREEBIE, The Urban Fairy brings you a fabulous QP for your photos. Click here or on the preview to download.


This Quick Page was made by The Urban Fairy herself. Great job! Isn’t this a beautiful page?

Inspired yet? I know I am…head to Digital Scrapbooking Studio now and see all this collab has to offer.


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