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Freebie FB Hop!

I am the worst at blogging! So much has happened but I never seem to get it to my blog :(

However I won’t miss the chance to tell you about the new FB Hop by The Studio!

It’s called Buds to Blooms and once you have all the pieces, you’ve got yourself a nice kit!! Seriously, when it’s all said and done, it’s BIG!

Best hurry though, it’s only up till the end of the month!!

My part:


Just click the picture to go get it!

Have fun hopping!

Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy


Published: 17. 04. 2014 | Comments: 1

And Then it Did with CT Freebie!

This year has been a whirl wind for sure! I’m late with my blog post about my latest kit release, And Then it Did, due to a wonderful bundle of goodness! My daughter, Winter Dawn, was born Jan 28th!! We’ve been taking our time trying to adjust to four { oh yes…FOUR! } children. It’s an interesting challenge and one I look forward to figuring out! Everyone is super happy & excited about the little one, which is total bonus. BUT we’re here for release info! Despite just having my wonderful Winter, I’ve been busy busy busy! Let me introduce you to And Then it Did:

atid_bundle_theurbanfairy atid_pagek_theurbanfairyatid_cs_theurbanfairy atid_gradpapers_theurbanfairy atid_paper_theurbanfairy atid_pc_theurbanfairy atid_words_theurbanfairy

All pieces are 30% off right now and the bundle is a the best deal at 56% off!

Here are just some of the beautiful pages created by talented Flutters!

923061_10152142392605804_1556282129_n_Bekki AndThenItDid_TUF_Kaye AndThenItDid1_TUF_Kaye atid_papers_tuf_lifeaimhigh_zps6a099a0a_Ally atid_TUF_raelynn02_zps0dd93dae_RaeLynn Funny_Vicki Learning_{AndThenItDid_TUF}_DMS_2014 Lifeandthenitdid_foxinsocks LittleMoments_{atid_TUF}_DMS_2013 MemoriesOfYouandMe_{AndThenItDid_TUF}_DMS_2014 Precious_Vicki TUF_And-Then-It-Did_Color-Me-Alpha_Sometimes-life-is-so-messy-600x600_zps03b1ff11_Vanessa TUF-andthisidid-layout-2_zps8ee74232_NancyP

They really did have a great time with this collection! I always try to make my products easy to use, and obviously they created pages with many different styles! LOVE IT!

I’ve also just released this fun pack of Little White Frames! ( 30% Off! )


There are 10 frames, 3 pieces to each one! Also some doodles and a bit of tape!! These can be lots of fun, especially if YOU get creative with them!

I also have a great gift from my Flutter, Vicki!

vickir_atid_ctfreebieYou can click the picture, or HERE, for the download!

Right now you can also win a copy of my next kit ( coming TOMORROW! ) by leaving a comment at The Studio, on THIS thread!


*Phew* That’s it from me today! I will be back soon with more goodness!!

Thanks for reading!

Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy


Published: 06. 02. 2014 | Comments: 1

Taking on the Text Path – Tutorial

It’s time for a new tutorial! I had a friend ask me how to do something and I guess I started using words that didn’t make sense lol How do you fix that problem? You make a tutorial of course!!

I’ve created a two part tutorial on how to achieve text paths – two very simple and basic ways to get it done – but you should know, there’s SO much more to it then what you will find here. This will hopefully get you started and the fun can just keep flowing until 3am and you’re pretty sure your eyes are ready to fall out of your head :D

I have created two PDF’s for you. Two screen shots per PDF and a sample page! I used my  MHIA Mixed Media Backgrounds to create the page. Everything else is font, blended photo and an image I created last year! I love that image, it just looks totally cool. I also have a tutorial for creating a mask, which is how I got the edgy look for the image on this page.

You can download the whole zip here.

The top text is created with the first tutorial, and the line text is made with the second tutorial!


Custom Shape Text Path

Step one: Open your background/canvas.

Step two: Select your custom shape and drag out a good size. Color doesn’t matter!


Step three: Select your font & font color/size. Now pick a starting point on your custom shape. The tool will make a cool little icon that looks like the typical I but it has a swish line through it, that’s the look you need -so click!

Step four: Write out your text. Now you may find you need to resize the text, or change the font. NO PROBLEM! Just select it to edit as you normally would! Start at one end, and high light the whole thing to make your edits. It can be a bit tricky at first but you will adjust to the oddity of it.


Step five: When you are happy with the way your text looks, rasterize your text and delete your shape!

That’s IT! Yes, really it is! Any shape you find, you can use!

Now here is a second way you can do this.

Step one: Add a NEW LAYER and select your free form pen tool.


Step two: Draw out your desired shape. You can do pretty much anything!

Step three: Open your PATHS tab { it should be in your layer palette } Right click the work path and stroke it, you can stroke with pencil, brush, what ever option you choose. BEFORE you stroke the path you need to ready the tool you want to use. Like, if you use a brush, what brush do you plan to use? How thick is it going to be, will it be at an angle? Again, this is something you will have to learn to adjust to get the look you want!


Step four: Go back to your layers section and select your text tool. At the END of your path, click on it with you text tool to type out your text.

Step five: When you’re happy with that, rasterize your text and go back to the PATH section and delete the work path or your path will continue to hang around.

These are just two ideas, and trust me, there’s LOTS more to it that can be done, but this makes for a great starting point!!

Now get out there and have some fun!!

Danielle S.
The Urban Fairy


Published: 06. 01. 2014 | Comments: 0

Santa bring my Soldier Home – Extra Word Art Freebie!

I had a lovely request for some extra word art and I feel super silly for not doing it to start with! Thank you Carla, for asking!!

I covered every service I could – I couldn’t find a proper term for those daring men and women who work on/in subs!

Included: Airman, Pilot, Marine, Sailor and Coastie.

smbmsmh_wordart_theurbanfairyYou can click the picture or HERE to get this extra bit of word art!

Thank you all for your comments and downloads! It makes my fairy heart feel so good to know it’s so well received!

Much Love

Danielle S. | The Urban Fairy


Published: 16. 12. 2013 | Comments: 5